Point of Care Testing-Covid Testing

Point of Care Implementation and Coivd-19 Testing 
Tuesday, September 8th 6:30pm-8:30pm
Tuesday, September 22nd 6:30pm-8:30pm

Member Registration Fee

Pharmacists Registration Fee One Session One Hour- $15

Pharmacists Registration Fee Two Session Two Hours- $20
Non-Member Registration Fee 
Pharmacists Registration Fee One Session One Hour- $25
Pharmacists Registration Fee Two Session Two Hours- $30

Point of Care Testing – Implementation (1 hour)
1. Understand the process of obtaining a CLIA Certificate of Waiver
2. Develop policies and procedures for implementing Point of Care Testing in an Arkansas pharmacy
3. Understand the Disease State Management Protocol in Arkansas

Point of Care Testing – COVID 19 (1 hour)
1. Understand Emergency Use Authorization for CLIA Waived COVID-19 Tests
2. State the differences between a PCR test vs antigen vs antibody for COVID-19
3. Utilize resources to determine which test is best for your pharmacy
4. Implement COVID-19 testing in your pharmacy

This Continuing Education opportunity will provide pharmacists with many of the tools necessary to successfully implement point-of-care testing (POCT) in an Arkansas pharmacy. The first hour of this CE is focused on general information for any point-of-care testing, including everything from how to obtain a CLIA Certificate of Waiver to actually testing a patient. You will also learn the limitations and opportunities of the Disease State Management Protocols in Arkansas, along with tips on how to approach physicians in your area about your POCT services. The second hour of this CE is focused specifically on COVID-19 point-of-care testing. Both hours of CE will include valuable resources and “best practices” based on real life experiences.

Dr. Allie Staton is a UAMS College of Pharmacy graduate, Class of 2018. After completing pharmacy school, she continued her education through a Community-Based Pharmacy Residency with UAMS and Bryant Family Pharmacy. During her residency year, she became very passionate about providing high-quality patient care in an independent pharmacy setting by implementing clinical services. She also became very passionate about teaching other pharmacists and pharmacy students, which led her to start her own company, EnhanceRx Pharmacy Consulting. Implementation of Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) was a large project of hers during her residency, so she continued teaching pharmacists about POCT through EnhanceRx Pharmacy Consulting. She is now the Clinical Pharmacy Services Specialist at West Side Pharmacy in Benton, Arkansas.  Since the beginning of June, Dr. Staton has been performing free (non-rapid) COVID testing at West Side Pharmacy through a partnership with HealthMart and the Department of Health and Human Services. However, after several months of attempting to obtain rapid COVID tests, West Side Pharmacy recently acquired COVID-19 Rapid Antigen tests and will officially begin the rapid testing on August 17th.