US Supreme Court - Rutledge v PCMA
Pre-Case Live Show - Monday, October 5th 4:00PM Central - Join APA CEO John Vinson, NCPA CEO Doug Hoey, APhA CEO Scott Knoer, and NASPA CEO Rebecca Snead for a preview of the Rutledge v PCMA oral arguments the night before the case is heard. Watch the video live below or at

APA Kick-off Live Event - Tuesday, October 6th 8:00AM Central - It's SCOTUS Day! Join APA CEO John Vinson, APA President Kristen Riddle, and former APA CEO Scott Pace for a live preview of the case and a brief history of how we got to this momentous day starting at 8:00AM Central Tuesday on our Facebook page.


Rutledge v PCMA Audio Stream - Tuesday, October 6th 9:00AM Central - The big event is here! Years of legislation, lawsuits, and battles with the PBMs have led here to the United States Supreme Court. Oral arguments start at 9:00AM Central and you can listen to an audio stream of the case live at this link starting at 9:00AM. (Note: C-SPAN is providing the stream. We won't have any control over the audio if C-SPAN is experiencing any delays or issues.) 


Post-Case Analysis Live Show - Tuesday, October 6th
 - Join the leaders of APA, NCPA, APhA, and NASPA as they discuss today's arguments, the justices' questions, and the likelihood pharmacy will walk away with a win.

Special guest Tiffany Wright, former clerk of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, joins the panel to give her unique insight into the Court and the eight justices who will decide the fate of Rutledge v PCMA. Click here to watch the video.