APA Committees

The Arkansas Pharmacists Association (APA) has four regular standing committees.

In addition, APA also has an Investment Committee that helps manage APA's investments and an Executive Committee, composed of the President, President-elect, Vice President, and Immediate Past President of the APA.  All active members of the association in good standing are eligible to serve on an APA standing committee.

  • Tasks - Committees may conduct hearings, perform studies and make reports to the Board of Directors.
  • Membership - Per APA’s Bylaws, each of APA’s Standing Committees will include seven active members of the Association with at least one member from each of the Association’s four Areas and not less than one or more than four individuals who served on each Committee during the preceding year.  The President appoints the chairman and other members of each of the Association’s committees, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.
  • Term - The term for each committee member is one year; a member cannot serve for more than four consecutive years or on more than three committees concurrently.

APA members are encouraged to get involved in a committee. To volunteer for a committee, please complete this form.