Oral Contraceptive Prescribing by Pharmacists

Oral Contraceptive Prescribing by Pharmacists

Statewide Protocol 

Act 408 of 2021 authorizes licensed pharmacists in Arkansas to initiate oral contraceptive therapy in accordance with the provisions of Arkansas Code § 17-92-115 and the guidance provided therein.  The required statewide protocol was approved by both the Arkansas Board of Pharmacy and the Arkansas Medical Board in 2022.  Click here to download the full protocol.

Educational Programs

Oral Contraceptive Prescribing: Statewide Protocol Training - this 1 hour online ACPE accredited continuing education program is required for pharmacists that plan to provide consultative and prescriptions for oral contraceptives.  At the completion of the course, the ACPE credit will be uploaded to CPE Monitor and this will provide documentation of the required training. The majority of the course development and enrollment cost is covered by an educational grant from the Arkansas Board of Pharmacy.  Program Cost is $25.   For additional CPE course details click here.
APhA Advanced Training- Increasing Access: Hormonal Contraceptive Products is 4 hour online ACPE accredited advanced training program that will prepare pharmacists to discuss the hormonal contraceptive options available to prescribe, furnish or dispense.  The cost of this online program is $295 for non-members.  The APA has signed an agreement to be able to offer this program to Arkansas pharmacists and secured an grant from a philanthropy that will allow the first 100 pharmacists to get a $150 discount.  This program is not required by state law, but we do recommend this program if you need additional or refresher training to implement the oral contraceptive prescribing service in your community.  Note:  Pharmacists employed by chain pharmacies may have corporate training programs available.  The APhA program is divided into four separate modules:  (for ACPE course details click here)
Module 1:  Hormonal Contraceptive Products 
Module 2:  Assessing Women for Hormonal Contraception 
Module 3:  Communicating About Hormonal Contraceptives 
Module 4:  Pharmacy Practice Operations 

you can enroll in one or both programs
Required Reporting:
By state law, you are required to document the number of patients prescribed oral contraceptives by a pharmacists and the ages of those patients.  We encourage monthly reporting, but annual is acceptable.

Philanthropic Support:
Third party payers may be slow to come on board with paying pharmacists for consultation fees associated with the assessment and prescribing of oral contraceptives. To help ensure a good launch to providing care for the women in Arkansas, APA has secured funding to help support your time and expertise for uncompensated care. You can apply online at https://form.jotform.com/222625935206051 for a $75 reimbursement as funding is available.