2014 Strategic Plan

The APA Board of Directors finalized its 2014-2018 Strategic Plan in December 2014.  This work culminated in the Mission and Vision Statements and Core Values below.

Mission Statement: The mission of the Arkansas Pharmacists Association is to be the voice of Arkansas pharmacists and to promote public health by advancing the professional and business environment for our members to be successful and fulfilled in serving patients.

Vision Statement: We are an organization that empowers pharmacists to be leaders in integrated healthcare and patient care management as the medication experts.

Core Values: ACHIEVE: Accountability, Collaboration, Honesty, Innovation, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Vision, Expertise.

Goal 1: Facilitate pharmacists’ utilization of all of their education and clinical skills to care for patients.

Goal 2: Increase payment opportunities to pharmacists for patient care services.

Goal 3: Foster an environment of transparency in pharmacy benefits.

Goal 4: Strengthen the structure of the organization to ensure long-term viability and active member involvement.

APA 2014-2018 Strategic Plan Outline